2018-04-09: 8-bit Memoirs v1.1 on its way

Issue #1 of 8-bit Memoirs which was released December 1st 2017, will see a version 1.1 release here in April. Turns out the author received a lot of suggestions for extra functionality that he has decided to add. The betatesters also seems to have missed a few bugs, which will also be fixed in v1.1.

Stay tuned

2018-02-06: Links page added

A links page has been added to now, containing links to useful sites regarding BD-J coding.

2017-12-01: 8-bit Memoirs Issue #1 released!

8-bit Memoirs is an eBook about how the author experienced the computers and consoles from the 8-bit era. Issue #1 is out now, available as a 23 gb downloable ISO file. You also have the option of buying a physical disc complete with printed cover and label in a case.

Go to 8-bit Memoirs for more info!

2017-09-17: "8-bit Memoirs" will be released December 2017!

Although 8-bit Memoirs isn't a game, it uses the same technology as Blu-play games: Blu-ray Disc Java.

8-bit Memoirs is an eBook about the 8-bit computers and gaming-consoles from the 80s, running on your PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One console. You navigate the pages using your gamepad.

The book contains the equivalent of 250 pages of text, 5 hours of background music, 9 hours of supplemental videos, 100 screenshots and 14 illustrations. So there's entertainment for a while.

Stay tuned for more info!

2017-02-14: "Ukko's Journey" released!

The very first Blu-Play title has been released: "Ukko's Journey". See details under Games and/or read forum thread at

2017-02-10: online

The website came online.

2017-01-28: "Ukko's Journey" announced

Blu-Play game "Ukko's Journey" announced.